What song comes after Bandage in the trailer?

Um, first off if this post is going against any rules feel free to delete and I'm very sorry. Next, what I'm curious about is the song that comes after the song Bandage in Bandage's Trailer, it's basically the ending song. I love Jin's voice there, personally I prefer that song than the main song.

Here's the video of it: The song starts around 50 seconds and carries on throughout the rest of the trailer

And again I apologize if I posted this totally wrong and please do delete if I did. Sorry once again.
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    The song that comes after Bandage
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Right now the most important thing I can right about is my healthy( may be unhealthy) obsession over a Japanese band Arashi. I just love everyone but especially Matsujun and in my opinion the funniest one Aiba. I love Aiba because he is just too funny and I don't think he does it on purpose.    
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